Gender-Based Violence and its Intersectionalities

Gender-based violence is an epidemic widespread throughout Latin America and the world. It does not differentiate between social class, race, ethnicity, educational level, age, geographic location, or religion. The series of conversations seeks to promote a culture of peace, citizenship, and human rights, based on gender equity and its intersectionalities. The goal is to join efforts in Latin America and beyond to achieve peace, security, and social justice.

Translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese available.

Join us for three webinars on zoom:

April 10 2021:
GBV: The Intersectionality of Ethnicity and Race.


  • Hilaria Supa Huamán, Politician and PeaceWoman (Peru)

  • Moema Viezzer, Popular Educator and PeaceWoman (Brazil)

  • Luana Cristina, Activist and Educator (Brazil)

  • Virgelina Chará, Human Rights Defender and PeaceWoman (Colombia)

April 17 2021:
GBV: The Intersectionality of Gender Identity.


  • Neon Cunha, Activist (Brazil)

  • Camila Godoi, Musician and Educator (Brazil)

  • Roxanne Athiany Larios Zuniga, Human Rights Defender (Costa Rica/Nicaragua)

  • Film by Lizette Vila, Director (Cuba)

April 24 2021:
GBV: Femicide and Institutional Violence.


  • Maria Amelia Teles (Brazil)

  • Maria Julia Moreyra (Argentina)

  • Tatiana Santos Perrone (Brazil)

  • Vilma Nunez de Escorcia (Nicaragua)

  • Violeta Delgado Sarmiento (Nicaragua)

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02. Juli 2021 - 03. Juli 2021: Feminist Futures – Politics of Possibilities

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30. Okt. 2017 - 03. Nov. 2017: Friedensexpertin Miriam Coronel Ferrer in der Schweiz

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