Feminist Futures – Politics of Possibilities

The COVID19 pandemic has made the failures and weaknesses of the militarised, capitalist system very obvious. It has exposed and deepened the divide between rich and poor, between those who are served and those who serve, with a few having economically benefited in unprecedented ways; the world’s majority people are suffering more acutely. Gender-based violence has increased tremendously worldwide and militarised responses, including squelching political dissidence, appear to be the norm in many places. Examples of feminist futures do exist, however.

In two interactive sessions we will focus on envisioning feminist futures and sharing inspirational stories of already existing examples. Feminists from all over the world come together to share their strategies and ideas, and to develop a vision for solidarity. 

Join us prepared to share your own visions: 

Please bring something that to you represents a feminist future in your location . It can be an image of a place, a person(s), a meeting, or an object, or anything else that represents your vision to share with others. 

Interpretation available: Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Session 1: July 2 2021, 3 pm (CET)


  • Nuria Costa (Mexico)

  • Fuifuilupe Niumeitolo (Tonga)

  • Felogene Anumo (Kenya)

  • Camila Godoi (Brazil)

Session 2: July 3 2021, 12 pm (CET)


  • Fatmeh Muaqquat (Palestine)

  • Debbie Stothard (Malaysia)

  • Shebana Alqaseer (Philippines)

  • Hassanatu Sheriff (Sierre Leone)

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10. Apr. 2021 - 24. Apr. 2021: Gender-Based Violence and its Intersectionalities

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