China: Xuebo Li

Exercise my duty when on duty. Serve the people with the power assigned by the people.

— Xuebo Li

Since taking up her position as vice mayor of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, Li Xuebo has developed a strong gender consciousness. She strives to find ways of helping poor women who live on poor land to increase their income. She encourages the women to be independent and self-supporting, and have self-respect. Her work has helped improved their living conditions and has enhanced their status.

Li Xuebo is Han Chinese and does not belong to any political party. She graduated from the Liaoning Institute of Finance, and has since served as an officer and deputy director in the Statistics Bureau, deputy director of the Rural Enterprises Bureau, and vice-chairperson of the Political Consultative Committee in Chifeng city. Chifeng is an underdeveloped area in southeast Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region where the Han people constitute the majority of the population and the Mongolian people self-govern themselves. There are 12 counties among which ten are considered "poor." The population of the city is 4.6 million, with 512,000 living below the poverty line. Among these, 342,000 are women and children. As vice major of Chifeng City since October 2001, Li Xuebo has been working hard to alleviate poverty and to improve the quality of infertile land. Also director of the Women and Children Working Committee of Chifeng, Li is whole-heartedly committed to women’s work. She has established new working mechanisms aimed at alleviating poverty, including small-scale credit, exporting labor, soliciting relief funds for victims of natural disasters, establishing “hand-in-hand” groups, helping girl students go back to school, and so on. These mechanisms have effectively helped improve their living conditions and their status in the family and society. She regrets neglecting her own family’s needs because of her busy work schedule. Her physical health is deteriorating because her life has been so busy and tiring. What motivates her most is creating an environment in which both women and men can develop equally. When faced with difficulties and pressure, she thinks of the women who desperately need her help. She evaluates the performance of various departments according to their achievements in the development of issues relating to women and children.

The People’s Government of Chifeng City