China: Xiaoxi Li

I have come to know from my life that nothing is worth more than environmental protection.”

— Xiaoxi Li

Li Xiaoxi is an associate professor at the Air Force Command College, Haidan District, Beijing. She was elected as the National People’s Congress (NPC) representative of the district in December 1998. She has paid considerable attention to the construction and environment of Beijing and China as a whole, putting forward over 140 suggestions and motions, most of which concern the environment. She has saved the last piece of marshland in Beijing, and has striven for the well-being of both wild animals and humans.

For more than ten years, Li Xiaoxi (60) has worked for the environment. After arriving in Beijing in December 1998, she put forward over 140 suggestions and motions, including those received by the NPC and Beijing People’s Congress through NPC representatives and Beijing People’s Congress representatives. She tried to use her rights and obligations as an NPC representative to protect the environment. In 2001, in order to protect the sole plain reed marsh in Beijing, Li went to Yangzhen reed pool marsh six times to conduct research. She publicized her opinions in the media and through Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, objecting to the construction of a golf course and a large entertainment town around the marsh, but proposing to establish a marsh park. Her persistent efforts finally paid off: Beijing changed the regulation of its water systems, protecting trees on both sides of the penstocks. During her travels, wherever Li came across environmental pollution and wastage of natural resources, she spoke out against it and made feasible suggestions. Li believes that animals have rights too and has done a survey of the illegal catching and killing of wildlife. She feels the law on wildlife protection needs modification. For human beings if there is clean air, clean water, good food and a good natural habitat, they need little else. This is a goal to which she is willing to devote her whole life.