Demokratische Republik Kongo: Viviane Bikuba Cibalonza

We have to work together for a better world.

— Viviane Bikuba Cibalonza

Viviane Bikuba (36) is a lawyer and founder of Action for Law Education (AED) and Center for Medical-Judicial Assistance (Camej). She defends and promotes human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes Region. Since 1994, she has conducted workshops, seminars and radio programs to promote women's rights and assist victims of sexual violence.

Viviane Bikuba lost her father early in her life. This led to her family’s victimization. The family members had to live with injustice and discrimination, and their rights were violated. Her family only survived because of her mother's courage and the legendary African solidarity. Grown up she studied law and became the first female lawyer from South Kivu taking on a role model for her countrymen and women. She was trained and got involved in human rights in order to fight injustice. She decided to advocate for peace as a primary condition to eradicate injustice in the Great Lakes Region. Viviane benefited from training on peaceful conflict resolution organized by the UN Human Rights Office and the Belgium Government. Movements led by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, who believed in passive resistance and realized their dreams, have motivated her. She is also motivated by the results she gets for being the voice of the voiceless. In collaboration with other women organizations, Viviane provides legal counsel and mediation to expose and train women on human rights. Her work has awakened the consciences of illiterate women who now fight for their rights. Despite the realities of human rights violations she wants everyone to “work together for a better world”.

Action for Law Education (AED) Centre d’Assistance Medico-Juridique (Camej)