Südafrika: Veronica Khosa

Share your knowledge, it is another way of achieving immortality.

— Veronica Khosa

Veronica Khosa was brought up by her grandmother and aunt in a small rural village of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. A generous community member educated her. These gestures shaped the way Veronica would work with and treat people for the rest of her life. She chose to study nursing because it provided the immediate means to pay back the community member who had financed her education. Veronica set up the Tateni Home Care Services to provide counseling and support services, and home-based care to HIV/Aids patients.

Families in South Africa tend to lock up HIV/Aids patients in their houses. They are shunned by the community and often dismissed from their working places. The pain and the agony they undergo makes some of them die sooner than if they were given appropriate care. Veronica Khosa works now as a professional nurse in Pretoria. She formed the Tateni Home Care Services whose main objective is to provide counseling and support services, home-based care to the patients and enhance the community’s capacity to provide care and support to the affected and infected. Her ideas are already gaining international attention. She was invited to participate in a conference on aging people in the community. The World Health Organization chose her project to provide a case study on mobilizing family and community care for and by the people with HIV/Aids. The provincial government has adopted Veronica’s model and implemented it in all the districts of Gauteng. As a result of her lobbying efforts, the Department of Health has also introduced palliative treatment in its training curriculum for nurses and doctors.

Tateni Home Care Services