Kirgisistan: Tolekan Ismailova

Only in an honest, truly sincere society can free people live. These people are to build a new life. They will unite together in common labor, oriented toward creation of their bright future.

— Tolekan Ismailova

A public activist since 1977, Tolekan Ismailova carries out her activities at three levels: grassroots, national, and international. She works with local communities, NGOs, and political parties and cooperates with international organizations, such as the United Nations and Human Rights Watch. As the executive president of the NGO Civil Society Against Corruption, she is a leader of the democratic movement in Kyrgyzstan. She is involved in the field of social justice and human rights protection.

Tolekan Ismailova works in the field of social justice and human rights protection. Since 1977, she has been a leader of the democratic movement in Kyrgyzstan. She has been at the forefront of the struggle against corruption in her country and the establishment of the NGO Civil Society against Corruption. Tolekan uncovered many cases of corruption in the official structures of Kyrgyzstan that led to the dismissal of corrupt officials. She stood at the head of many human rights and anti-poverty initiatives in her country. She promotes the development of democratic values and contributes to the improvement of the political and economic situation in Kyrgyzstan. She also advocates for public involvement in solving the social and political problems of the country. Tolekan participates in many spheres of public life: in social and democratic education, in the political and economic arenas, and in the defense of human rights. She provides support to regional and district NGOs and to political parties through training seminars, educational courses, and monitoring of elections. Tolekan is a very honest and industrious person. As a recognized leader, she extends great devotion and energy to each individual she serves and with her high level of self-awareness, she provides a real example and model to other women. She works not for money or any awards or prizes, but for the improvement of the current situation in Kyrgyzstan and the enhancement of the quality of life of the people.

Civil Society Against Corruption