Kamerun: Teclaire Ntomp

The universal protection of fundamental needs of both men and women and the enforcement of human dignity – this is my motto.

— Teclaire Ntomp

Teclaire Ntomp (67) has contributed to the well-being of fellow Cameroonians by providing training on sanitation, education, agriculture and nutrition. Her projects base on simple, indigenous techniques that provide income to self-help groups. Teclaire Ntomp’s efforts have helped develop food products that are now marketed and consumed nationally and internationally.

Teclaire Ntomp learned as a pastor’s daughter about the value of respecting and sharing with others in order to create true social harmony. A teacher by profession, she lived in different regions where she dealt with different people. She discovered that poverty and ignorance transforms people into egoists, partisans and creates low self-esteem. She thus ended her teaching career to focus on changing people's living conditions by promoting their local potentials. To achieve that she uses an organized work process that integrates solidarity and mutual assistance. Acceptance by the target community and encouraged by others to succeed, gives energy to Teclaire Ntomp, whose husband and children also support and encourage her. As a result, village populations have mobilized over the past 13 years through the association set up by Ntomp Teclaire, the Community Based self help Association; and the American NGO African Action on Aids collaborated with her to publish “Fighting Hunger with Cassava: A Gift of 22 Recipes from the Rural Women of Bogso”. It has not always been easy. Teclaire often faces traditional customs that do not favor modern development. A peaceful future will be realized when women are educated and become financially and materially independent to subsequently improve education and health standards. Inadequate resources create all sorts of conflicts in societies. Hence, she keeps her motto: the universal protection of fundamental needs of both men and women and the enforcement of human dignity.

Community Based self help Association