China, Hong Kong: Shuk Man "Selina" Sun

People are biased against those of different sexual orientation. Isolation does more damage. Let's learn to put away prejudice, be more flexible, and see people with Christ's heart.

— Shuk Man "Selina" Sun

A Hong Kong native, Shuk Man "Selina" Sun (43) was ordained pastor by the Hong Kong Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship (Hkbmcf), a Christian group for sexual minorities. Selina serves as the pastor of the Hkbmcf and actively promotes dialogue and understanding between church organizations and communities. She stands firm on the side of this group and helps rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. In the past few years, membership of the Hkbmcf has steadily increased and sexual minorities are coming to be accepted by the church and society.

Hkbmcf was formed in 1992 and is the only one of its kind in Hong Kong. It all began when Selina Sun was invited to help train members of the Hkbmcf on caring work in 2002. The first Hkbmcf event she participated in was its tenth anniversary gathering. And she was deeply impressed because Hkbmcf as a group without a pastor and with members whose sexuality is denied by the mainstream Church has survived the storms over the past decade. She participated in the small group activities and meetings, and was soon accepted like a member of the family. They shared with her their struggle and bewilderment in their religion. They poured out to Selina their joys and worries in their love relationships. "All in all, we begin by living and playing together. I am myself. It is very similar to the situation when I see how Christ lives in the ones who talk to him. His wisdom is alive in the daily living. He is the Way and the Truth," Selina recalls her early experience with Hkbmcf. "Because of denial and disapproval by their family, the Church and the society, sexual minorities live under tremendous pressure and are tormented with fear and worries. They lock up these feelings and bury them deep down inside to protect themselves," Selina says. Joining Hkbmcf in 2003, Selina works on church ministration, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and religious education with fellow Christians in Hkbmcf. She walks together with these brothers and sisters out of their impasse. To change the external environment, Selina has put a lot of effort onto public education, contributing to church publications and other printed media, doing interviews, organizing workshops and seminars in universities, religious organizations and sexual minorities groups.

Hong Kong Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship (Hkbmcf)