Mongolien: Orsoo Shijee

Promoting gifted children from poor families is tremendously important. Children’s success at local and national levels makes people happy and provides encouragement for the future.”

— Orsoo Shijee

Born in 1956, Orsoo Shijee is a well-known expert in pediatrics and pre-school education, who has worked for many years in children’s clinics and research institutions. In 1997 she joined World Vision Mongolia as coordinator and team leader. She is a key figure in the implementation of programs covering some 15,000 people to support the livelihood of the urban population in the poorest area of Ulaanbataar. She is also author of two widely acknowledged books.

Every year Mongolian Radio makes regular broadcasts of Orsoo’s Chart for Child Growth Monitoring and Development, which is used by parents all over the country. As a World Vision activist, Orsoo’s policy is concentrated, first of all, on the fate of children in the poor urban areas. She pays particular attention to the promotion of talented children in low-income families and organizes training courses to prepare children of pre-school age for different national competitions. Many of them have won prizes and medals. The children’s team representing Bayan-khoshuu won first place at the World Vision Mongolia Stars art festival three years in a row. The Bayan-khoshuu area is the poorest in the Mongolian capital and lies at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city center. Currently she is involved in raising funds for building a local child and youth playground stadium. In 1997 Orsoo left her research position in the Maternity and Childhood Research Institute and applied to volunteer for World Vision Mongolia. She was offered work with the Early Childhood Care and Development project. Orsoo studied for some time in New Zealand to be certified as a professional early-childhood educator. Soon, she organized a childhood care center in the Tolgoit gher-dwelling zone (felt tents) and issued several handbooks on the topic. In her work to improve the health of children, Orsoo organizes short-term training courses called “Integrated management of childhood illness” for doctors and other medical professionals. In 2004 alone 4320 people attended. Orsoo’s activities also focus on the education of disadvantaged and retarded children.

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