Südafrika: Nosandla Malindi

If rural women can build their self-confidence and learn coping mechanisms, they can become self-reliant and independent instead of depending on their male partners. Rural life would be manageable.

— Nosandla Malindi

Nosandla Malindi was born in 1960. She has diplomas in business counseling and democratic development. Nosandla is trainer and coordinator of Development Education Leadership Teams in Action (Delta) in Libode, an organization that empowers women from grassroots communities to participate and hold leadership positions in decision-making in South Africa. Nosandla imparts skills, and models self-confidence and self-esteem to the women.

Working with local women was an uphill task at first. Most of them were fussy about cultural values and norms. They were illiterate but knowledgeable. Nosandla Malindi had to localize and add creativity to the training programs so that the women could be convinced to attend workshops through her organization, Delta. The program has three levels. Each phase runs over a year. The gender empowerment and leadership training is their flagship program. Gender empowerment aims at assisting the women with their initiatives by training them on how to start a project, write a constitution and funding proposals. They also learn project management, conflict resolution, teamwork and leadership skills, relevant to their particular project. The women get referrals to relevant service providers for technical assistance. Delta also helps the women understand their role in community development and to see themselves as the main beneficiaries of the development programs. Delta started in 1992 as a project of the Catholic Welfare Development (CWD). In 1995 it became independent from CWD. Delta has been empowering women in the urban and rural areas in the Western Cape. Nosandla has been a learner and staff from the time of its inception. The NGO has been the only one able to stand the rural challenges in the area of Libode. The organization is a vital link in creating and reviving several women groups in the area. Nosandla is a living example of what she teaches and the women are confident in her abilities.

Development Education Leadership Teams in Action (Delta)