Georgien: Nino Javakhishvili

If I do not work, who will? I have the necessary skills and I should be using them to accomplish the work I do for peace and women’s rights.

— Nino Javakhishvili

A renowned scientist in medical biology, Nino Javakhishvili is a devoted activist for peace and women’s rights. She currently is the president of the Georgian Women’s Council and focuses on drawing attention to the plight of marginalized women. She provides a voice for those oppressed by unjust political, economic and social environments. She believes that women are the future of potential human capital and she is committed to using her skills to help alleviate poverty.

Dr. Javakhishvili is an accomplished scientist and researcher in medical biology. In addition to her academic work, she is a devoted activist for peace and women’s rights. For more than 50 years, she has made tremendous contributions to advance women’s role in society, believing that peace is sustainable only when people are actively involved in achieving it. She works closely with thousands of individuals from the public and private sectors including government officials and executives to teach the basic tenets of economic development, civil society, democracy, leadership, transparency, and advocacy. She believes these elements are intertwined with the promise of peace. Nino helps to develop women leaders at NGOs and for high political offices, where currently very few women hold top positions. In her work to shed light on marginalized women, she provides a voice for those who cannot be heard and for those oppressed by unjust political and economic structures. For her, economic self-sufficiency, education, and the ability to provide for one’s family are the keys to improving one’s life and for advancing the next generation. She has traveled extensively to present her medical research and advocate the need for self-sufficiency. She goes beyond her message to actively help build self-esteem in individuals as they work to build their communities and strengthen the political processes. Across ethnic, cultural, and social lines Nino Javakhishvili has worked diligently with integrity and full commitment to promote a better place in society for women and to ensure peace.

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