Mali: Moussomakan Sakiliba

I fight for women’s economic advancement.

— Moussomakan Sakiliba

Moussoumakan Sakiliba (born 1951) has associated herself with activities that promote women. With Gnélény she and her co-activists organize themselves around the activities of development, focusing on the primary sector and the transformation of agricultural products.

Moussoumakan Sakiliba quickly understood that community life is carried by development. This is why she chose this area to work with other women of her country. She is the administrative secretary of the women’s association of Bafoulabé called Gnélény. The women in the association focus on the primary sector and the transformation of agricultural products. With this, they give themselves the potential for know-how and and self-improvement. More than that: the members of Gnélény are not afraid to go beyond the economical fight. Thus, the association is interested, more and more, in the electoral processes and encourages its activists to participate in the decision-making process of the community. Each woman is encouraged to choose freely the party that best represents her hopes. Moussoumakan is known in her environment for her determination to confront difficulties tenaciously. These are: the poor perception of women’s struggle in society; the weak purchasing power of women-headed households; the domination of women called to subject themselves to their husband’s authority; the growing volume of domestic work; the absence of support for women’s causes; the absence or insufficiency of financial sources for local development; the high rate of illiteracy among woman or the ignorance about relevant texts on the rights of the woman. She is president of the body co-ordinating women’s non-governmental organizations and associations, which is a part of Coordination of Associations and Women’s NGOs (CAFO), in the area of Bafoulabé. Moussoumakan does not like to talk about herself. She prefers to leave to others judgement of her actions.