Mali: Mama Koite Doumbia

Sustainable peace cannot be established without the participation of women and girls.

— Mama Koite Doumbia

Mama Koité Doumbia, born in Thiès, Senegal, in 1950, holds a higher diploma in youth training. She is particularly well-known for her long support of union causes and her determination to find ways to re-inforce the capacities of national women’s NGOs in the area of training, speaking, communication, and leadership. She is married and has five children. And she says: "My dream is to fight against social injustice, especially when it is directed against women."

Madame Mama Koité Doumbia is known both nationally and internationally. She is the president of Femnet, the African Women's Development and Communication Network. Her election was due to her long experience in teaching and as a union leader in Mali. Mama Koité knew how to persuade African women because of her union experiences. Since her election as a president she has mobilized Malian women to familiarize themselves with the objectives of the network and to make concrete suggestions. This was not in vain if you look at the results she obtained. Mama Koité is a member of the National Union of Education and Culture of Mali (SNEC) affiliated to the central Union of the Workers of Mali (UNTM). For about 20 years, she has fought for human rights in Mali and in Africa. The tireless woman with many family responsibilities and a modest income fights vehemently against social injustice and violence and supports peace. The defense of workers’ and women’s rights is part of her cause.

Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Mali (UNTM) Femnet, The African Women's Development and Communication Network