Bulgarien: Liliana Lozanova Valcheva

The world has survived thanks to the courage of our children born of the heroism of their mothers!

— Liliana Lozanova Valcheva

Liliana Valcheva is a scientist and social activist for women’s rights, advocating more involvement of women in the public sphere, including education and science to ensure that they are devoted to improving the quality of life and supporting a peaceful society. In 1987, shortly before the collapse of communism, Liliana was part of a group of women who began working to establish a women’s movement in Bulgaria. She has also been active in human rights and working for peace outside of her country. During the wars in former Yugoslavia, she organized anti-war activities.

Liliana believes that Bulgaria’s most important resource is its citizens. This belief has supported her during many years of efforts on a wide range of issues to improve the opportunities for human development in Bulgaria. She works to ensure that Bulgarian law supports equality for men and women and people from different ethnic backgrounds. She also supports education and research through advocating students’ rights and better financing for Bulgarian universities and scientific institutions. As a leader within the Bulgarian non-governmental community, she works at international level to promote a more peaceful society. She is the founder and honorary president of the Bulgarian Association of Women in Science which has consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and she participates in activities to establish a peace building commission for the Balkans. A university professor, Liliana educates students on the social issues facing Bulgaria and its region, and the need for people from different backgrounds to work together. She gives priority to investment in scientific developments and new technologies that benefit people, eliminating hunger and poverty, and to environmental issues, such as air, water, and soil quality, and to ensuring that environmental resources are respected at the global level. Liliana has also been a lead activist in advocating the diversion of resources from military weapons to the development of technologies that will benefit agriculture. She strongly advocates wider participation of women in the public sphere. She has also worked in the interests of women through the creation of three family planning centers that provide consultations, education, and assistance to students and young people. She has motivated women to take a more active role in institutions responsible for decision making in Bulgarian society.

National Trade Union in Education and Science (NTUES) Women in Science International Federation of Inventors' Association