Afghanistan: Lawangina Khan

My main goal in education is to raise women’s awareness to their rights and to involve them in social work side by side with men in Afghanistan."

— Lawangina Khan

Lawangina Khan was born in 1977 in Paktika province, Afghanistan, but she completed her early schooling in Islamabad, Pakistan. She has received training as a community health worker and as an educator. She has also attended several workshops on human rights and women's rights and has represented women in the emergency Loya Jirga. Lawangina has worked diligently with many NGOs as well as the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) and received several commendations for her services. She has stood firmly in her defense of the rights of women and children.

Lawangina Khan is dedicated to the improvement of women’s conditions in Afghanistan, and to this end she has traveled extensively to different parts of her home province Paktika as an educator in order to raise women’s awareness of their rights and role in society. She has also been involved in providing counseling to the families of Zirok district and helps them to resolve their problems. In addition, she has been actively involved in the peace building initiatives in Paktika province. Paktika, like Paktia, is one of the most conservative provinces across Afghanistan; a fact that further highlights the importance of Lawangina Khan's activities and the immensity of the barriers that she has overcome. Therefore, she deserves much appreciation and encouragement for her work. After losing her husband, she continued to work as a health educator with an NGO. Lawangina has been instrumental not only in encouraging women to participate in the daily activities in their communities, but also in recruiting the efforts of national and international organizations in the reconstruction processes of her province.

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)