China: Guangren Zhou

When you make efforts to realize your dream, you may encounter hardships. But as long as you make an effort, your dream will definitely come true.

— Guangren Zhou

Zhou Guangren, one of the most distinguished Chinese women of the 20th century, is a famous pianist, educationist, and music/social activist. She has made a tremendous contribution to the popularization of piano education by promoting piano grade examinations and conducting international competitions in China. She has also systematically introduced Chinese piano works to the world.

Zhou Guangren is professor for life at the China Central Music College. She is the first person in China to have won prizes in international piano competitions. Keen on popularizing the piano, she has founded two amateur youth piano schools. She has promoted piano grade examinations, conducted international competitions in China, and systematically introduced Chinese piano works to the world. She is an excellent disseminator of piano culture and her continuous efforts to promote the piano have left a mark in almost all major cities in China. In 1980 she was invited to tour the USA and she lectured in 29 universities and staged over 30 performances in as many cities. She is the first person to systematically introduce Chinese piano music and history to the world. Since 1981 she has also served as an adjudicator in over 20 international piano competitions. In 1982, when she was moving a piano for a concert, she broke three fingers. Although she managed to have the use of her fingers restored after an operation, playing the piano became very painful. In order to play again, she suffered the pain and agony of continuous practice. She also went into teaching piano to teenagers in order to continue her zeal for music. Zhou Guangren is devoted to the cause of the piano not only for her own sake, but also, ultimately, for the nation as a whole.

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