Libysche Arabische Jamahiriya: Farida Allaghi

My vision for a better world was ignited during my childhood in Libya. My friends came from various social and religious backgrounds. Our pure hearts were full of love and tolerance for all.

— Farida Allaghi

In 1980 Dr. Farida Allaghi received her PhD in Sociology, ‘Planning and Development’, from Colorado State University, USA. Her challenging stands in human development and human rights have finally led her to live in exile for the past 25 years in Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She has held many influential positions, such as director of the Women and Children Division of the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND) in Saudi Arabia, general coordinator for the Arab NGOs Committee, and general coordinator of the Arab Council for Children and Development.

Dr. Farida Allaghi’s early life had a significant impact upon her visions of life and humanity. The open-mindedness of her parents has tremendously impacted her character and ingrained in her love and tolerance for all, irrespective of religion or social strata. She expresses her upbringing and early life experience in the following words: “The inspirational seeds of tolerance and love that my parents implanted in me have matured and impacted me in diverse ways. My father, although a staunch conservative Muslim, sent me to church-based school in Tripoli to receive my early education, and he has ever since been a source of support and empowerment to me through my life. My mother, a compassionate and motivating woman, was the driving force of my educational excellence. Despite her illiteracy, she always pushed me to attain the highest marks in my classes, and at the same time she taught me the significance of giving assistance and care to all.”

Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND)