Sudan: Ester Kuku Rahal

I shall support and extend the 48 centers we have established in various states of the Sudan. It is so important to help women set up small income-generating projects to subsist their families.

— Ester Kuku Rahal

Ester Kuku Rahal (45), originally from the Nuba Mountain region in Sudan, did not receive formal early education. The dominant cultural traditions in her family did not consider girls' education important. However, after she had married and become a mother of four children she went to evening school. Ester began to participate in many discussions on peace and became a member of the GNCSKS. She is involved in the activities of many NGOs, flagging up demanding issues, such as peace and social development and became the first woman to represent Nuba Mountain’s women in the Sudanese Parliament.

Ester is very much respected and applauded by the younger generations in Sudan. They call her "Mama Ester" as a gesture of reverence and admiration. She exhibits a very courageous charisma, as she is very vocal and challenging when she addresses issues relating to peoples' essential needs and livelihood. Ester learnt how to read and write, and most significantly she now speaks English fluently. That is why she is always invited to represent the Nuba Mountain’s women, locally and internationally, in South Africa, Nairobi, Kampala and Geneva. Ester's interpersonal skills are awesome, and she always catches the attention of her audience with her friendly impromptu talks. She is extremely dedicated to probing demanding issues raised in her local community vis-à-vis the enhancement of the dwindling conditions of women’s lives, which touch a large number of local people.

General National Council of Southern Kordofan State (GNCSKS) Sudanese Parliament