Usbekistan: Dilorom Mukhsinova

To build a bright future we must educate the people who will construct it - our children - in the spirit of peace, love, and freedom.

— Dilorom Mukhsinova

Dilorom Mukhsinova (born 1952) has been a school teacher since 1973. She is devoted to peace, freedom, and tolerance and the development of mutual understanding between people despite different views and social backgrounds. This is especially important in this region, the center of a major conflict zone in Central Asia with the danger of extremist tendencies increasing among youth and the local population. Dilorom’s teaching supports tolerance and respect for the diverse cultures of the world and is a significant contribution to peace and harmony in her community.

Dilorom Mukhsinova is an outstanding teacher, who is encouraging cultural understanding and tolerance in an area that is prone to ethnic conflict. There are many obstacles and hindrances in the teaching profession in Uzbekistan, including a lack of current professional literature and opportunities for the professional development of teachers. Despite these challenges, Dilorom uses modern teaching methods that engage her students and involve them in social and public activities. Her students are taught social responsibility and are encouraged to take their lives in their hands by doing their best to improve the life around them. She educates her students to increase their consciousness of the world and engage in critical thought. Dilorom has been successful in broadening the curriculum of study available to her students. She has initiated new courses in local and world cultures. She tries to inspire her students with a sense of curiosity and respect for both Uzbek and foreign cultures and teaches them that each culture and nation has its own traditions that have developed over hundreds of years. This serves as a premise for a spirit of peace, tolerance, and respect for both human beings within and outside their own culture and country. The result is that—in a country with relatively little Western and global exposure—students are being given an education that supports them in broadening their minds and thinking globally, while still being proud of their own culture and traditions.

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