China: Daofu Chen

The value of the news lies in truth. The harmony of the community lies in goodness. The pursuit of life lies in beauty.

— Daofu Chen

Chen Daofu is editor of Economic Daily, director of the China Association of Female Entrepreneurs, and director of the Capital Association of Women Reporters. She has been working as a journalist for 20 years and has persisted in maintaining professional ethics, that is, the principle of taking on-the-spot interviews to obtain information. She always pays attention to vulnerable sectors of the population such as peasants and national minorities. She is also concerned about China's situation since the reform and opening-up, such as the quality of its entrepreneurs.

Chen Daofu worked in a minority area in Northeast China as an urban youth. She found many extended families living in humble shanties when she was reporting from Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in 1992. The shanties were congested, with piles of waste lying around. To prevent fire, an ever-present threat, the residents did not light coal stoves on windy days. She drew this to the attention of the authorities and the shanties were soon removed, and more than 100 households then had their poor living conditions greatly improved. Illness did not deter Chen from making on-the-spot investigations in Henan and Xinjiang Provinces in 2003. She published several articles in Economic Daily based on these investigations. She recommended new methods and feasible modes for the orderly export of labor services, as well as incomed increase for surplus labor, especially for rural women in poorer areas. Chen’s reports on the Mosuo people, a national minority in Yunnan Province who remain matriarchal, and live at an altitude of nearly 5000 meters, are well regarded. She was the first journalist from Beijing that the Mosuo people met. Together with her friends Chen founded the China Association of Female Entrepreneurs at the end of the 1980s. She then looked at the positive achievements of female entrepreneurs, as well as taking a critical look at the quality and ethics of their endeavors. To enhance the quality of entrepreneurs, she added a column "Famous Entrepreneurs Talk about Entrepreneurs" to the magazine Chinese Entrepreneurs.

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