China, Taiwan: Chiu Hsiang Huang

Huang is the most outstanding representative of women workers in the Taiwan autonomous trade union since the lifting of martial law in 1987.

— Chiu Hsiang Huang

Huang Chiu Hsiang was born in a tea farmers’ family in the deep mountains of Hsin Chu County. Since 1987, she has been a key trade union leader and is a founding member of the Workers Party and the Labor Party. She has excellent communication and networking skills. She is committed to fighting gender discrimination, sexual harassment and violations of women workers’ rights in factories and within trade unions, and opposing legal amendments to reduce protection of women workers.

Huang Chiu Hsiang was born in 1960. After she graduated from secondary school, she joined the artificial fiber factory of Taiwan’s famous corporation, the Far East Textile Factory, situated in Hsinpu Township. There, she started shift duty work on production of artificial silk. From 1987 to 1989, she led the workers’ movement in the post-White Terror period, particularly the Far East Factory Trade Union’s strikes, and was deeply engaged in the autonomous workers’ movements. Founding member of the Workers Party and the Labor Party, and after 1989, as standing committee member, she was de facto leader of the entire Far East Factory Trade Union. She had also served as board member of the Taiwan Artificial Fiber Trade Union Federation. Huang is now board chair of the Women Workers Rights Promotion Association, deputy convener of the Labor Party Central Monitoring Committee, and advisor of Industrial Workers General Trade Union of Hsinchu County. She is good at conceptual communication and education, and in over a decade, has supported the autonomous development of many trade unions. She has also assisted networking among autonomous trade unions. Numerous trade union cadres and general members have been influenced by her and have joined the movement. Due to her long-term involvement in the trade union movement, she has been discriminated against and oppressed by the management, but she has persisted on this path. Huang has been the most outstanding women workers’ representative of the Taiwan autonomous movement after the lifting of the martial law.