Kirgisistan: Byubyusara Ryskulova

I prefer to work with the people, giving them real help and support. Our activity is not restricted to the borders of our Republic. All those who need our help, will get it.

— Byubyusara Ryskulova

Byubyusara Ryskulova (born 1947) is a human rights activist dedicated to preventing domestic abuse and protecting those who have been victimized. She founded the first domestic violence prevention center in Kyrgyzstan. This organization is committed to assisting and rehabilitating abused women, providing protection for victims, researching the roots of violence within the Kyrgyz society, and the education of rights. Byubyusara gives hope to many people. She carries out her mission against violence through peaceful measures including seminars, campaigns, advocacy, protests, and education.

Byubyusara Ryskulova's activities began as part of a grassroots movement focused on women's rights and the development of a more democratic and civil society in the Republic. In 1998, Byubyusara founded the first organization in the area dedicated to combating domestic abuse and the dehumanizing practice of trafficking in human beings. This organization assists victimized women and their families through rehabilitation and the provision of legal, social, and economic protection. A director of the Psychological Crisis Center for Women and Families "Sezim" in Bishkek, Byubyusara is on the front lines in the fight against all forms of domestic violence. In conjunction with other NGOs, she coordinates an effort geared toward helping Central Asian refugees. The "Refugees: Victims of Violence, including Slave Trade" project provides protection for refugees who are citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. This international mission works to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable citizens of Central Asia, protecting them from human rights abuses and working toward the development of a free society. According to her colleagues, Byubyusara works for the people. The name Byubyusara Ryskulova is synonymous with help and support. "She has saved many people from the plight of slave trading," they say. Byubyusara has successfully established a presence in the social and political spheres of Kyrgyzstan and participates in democratic and judicial elections in the area. While her scope has grown considerably over the years from charity work to establishing an NGO to encouraging the development of a free society, her mission remains the same: to provide real help to the people who need it.

Psychological Crisis Center for Women and Families "Sezim"