Sudan: Bakhita Mohmed Osman

My goal is to achieve local and global peace, and my catchphrase is always 'Together we can work better for peace'.

— Bakhita Mohmed Osman

Bakhita Mohamed (45) is a lecturer in economics. Her major aim is to empower women at all levels in the Sudan, particularly in rural areas. She also works to raise people’s awareness of environmental conservation and peaceful coexistence between the multi-ethnic communities. Bakhita is a talented storywriter, whose main theme is the promotion of peace. She believes that writing is a powerful and rich tool to effectuate and sustain peace. She has conducted extensive scientific research and studies, especially on the root causes of women’s poverty.

Bakhita works in an area dominated by violence and tribal disputes. The instable national political situation and the domination of one ideology stood as stiff barriers to her work. But she has the determination to tackle these areas in order to achieve her goals. Her catchphrase "together to sustain peace" is her source of strength. Bakhita has faced many difficulties in her work, the greatest of which was the lack of financial support for her social projects. On a personal level, she lives away from her husband, who works abroad and rarely sends her money to subsist her family. She raises two children and has also looked after her two younger brothers since the death of her parents. On a societal level, Bakhita works with exigent communities with no financial support from the government or any other organization. The lack of financial resources is one of the crucial constraints on her, as the local communities are very adverse. Yet, with very humble personal resources she has managed to achieve fantastic successes. The results and impact of her work have influenced the attitude and behavior of local people, who she has inspired to maintain a peaceful community with better conditions. This social mobilization and awareness raising are factual evidence of Bakhita’s significant work.

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