Mali: Aminata Touré Barry

I fight for a better and more just world; a world where fairness is the rule of law; a world where economic power does not work to the detriment of the weak.

— Aminata Touré Barry

Aminata Touré Barry was born in 1955. She is from Goundam, a region of Timbuktu, Mali. She is the president of the Malian Association for the Safeguard of Family Welfare (AMASBIF) and the African Coalition on Debt and Development (CAD-Mali). Since 1977, she has been an Inspector of the Treasury. Before that, she gained qualification from the Central School for Industry, Commerce, and Administration in Bamako specializing in budgeting.

Madame Barry is a versatile person who is very interested in all aspects of development. This is fortunate as she is involved in issues as diverse as the reforestation and rehabilitation of dunes, the civic education of women, and the participation of women in public life. Her non-governmental organization AMASBIF promotes and contributes to the well-being of the family from the perspective of sustainable development and stability for Mali. She is also the president of the Coalition on Debt and Development (CAD-Mali) whose objective is to pursue the cancellation of the country’s debt and to oppose the politics that keep the communities in a position of extreme poverty. Madame Aminata Touré Barry has a rich administrative background that gave her experience with many situations that she could later draw on. Eventually, she became involved in fighting issues of poverty and of indebtedness with which she was familiar. She also has a rich union history with the National Union of the Workers of Mali. She was well-trained in the economics of human rights and in English. Madam Aminata Touré Barry has participated in about 30 seminars on various issues: violence against women, the fight against poverty, African debt, and sustainable human development.

Association Malienne pour la Sauvegarde du Bien-être Familial (AMASBIF) Coalitions des Alternatives Dette et Développement (CAD-Mali)