Afghanistan: Amina Afzali

Peace is the environment of trust and confidence that people need in life.

— Amina Afzali

For 23 years Amina Safi Afzali has fought for women’s rights, beginning shortly after obtaining her BSc from Kabul University. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, she fled to Iran and established a multi-purpose educational institution that fights illiteracy, enhances computer skills and teaches English to Afghani refugee girls who dropped out of Iranian schools. From Iran, Amina headed an Afghani delegation to the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing, China. She set up several female athletic teams participating in the Olympic games. She is a signatory of the Bonn Peace Accord of 2001.

Like many Afghani educated women, Amina Afzali feels that women in Afghanistan are discriminated against. She was therefore motivated to help improve Afghani women’s status. Through her activities in Iran and participation in international conferences, Amina Afzali was impressed by the extent of other countries' women’s participation in every aspect of life. These experiences, coupled with the tangible benefits that emerged from her activities through the association, have strengthened her commitment and sense of responsibility to work hard towards the welfare of women, especially in Afghanistan, even from her exile. As a signatory of the Bonn Peace Accord, Amina Afzali is very optimistic that in due time the unfortunate situation of women in Afghanistan will improve and a free, just and democratic future will prevail in the country. Although the existing circumstances present numerous hurdles to this vision, they are not insurmountable and, according to her, with persistent and dedicated effort this vision can be realized.