Taking a stand for feminist peace: Statements

We take a public stand on peace-related events and issues, together with like-minded organisations or in solidarity with members of our global network Feminists Connecting for Peace. We also participate in consultations. Our feminist understanding of peace and the focus on women’s and human rights are central to this political work.


Appeal for the protection of Belarusian human rights activist Olga Karatch (July 2024)

Israel and Gaza

Petition for UN aid and ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, co-signer (April 2024)

Statement on Israel and Gaza (March 2024)

Letter to the Federal Council on NGO funding in Israel and Palestine, co-signer (November 2023)

Statement on the escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza (October 2023)

Collection of contributions on the topic of sexualised violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict

International Day of Peace

Strengthen women’s networks for peace (September 2023)


"Call for solidarity with the women-led protests in Iran and for concrete support measures" (October 2022)




Corona pandemic