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A group of Ukrainian women at a workshop in Poland

Edition 2/2023

Ukrainians who stayed at home and Ukrainians in exile discussed peace and security and shared their experiences.

Our programme officer Karin Widmer reports on a Women's Peace Table in Colombia.

From Cameroon to Kosovo: We present the latest issue of the "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine.

A Colombian woman is speaking into a microphone while women from the Philippines are listening

Edition 1/2023

Learning exchange between peace activists from Colombia and the Philippines

Role of civil society in the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution on "Women, Peace and Security"

Meet our new director Deborah Schibler

Edition 2/2022

Focus Colombia: No truth-seeking without the voices of women

Feminist Peace Initiatives: Bringing sparks to glow

Ukraine: Platform for knowledge sharing

Ein Graffiti auf einer Mauer zeigt eine Frau mit Kopftuch und den Text "Stop War!" sowie die Ländernnamen Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Somalia und Wallmapu

Edition 1/2022

Focus Demilitarisation: Invest in comprehensive security for all

Ukraine Emergency Fund: "It is nice that you haven't forgotten us"

Launch of the 1. "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine on "Demilitarisation"

Edition 2/2021

Focus Ukraine: "Violence has become the norm in our society”

Publication "From Transition to Transformation": New paths for transformative peace processes

Newsletter 2/2021 279.97 KB, PDF

Edition 1/2021

Focus Afghanistan: Investing in the future

Interview with Afghan women's and human rights defender Sima Samar

A feminist future for Palestine

Newsletter 1/2021 201.34 KB, PDF

Edition 2/2020

Focus Feminists Connecting for Peace: A global network of women peace activists

15 years "1000 women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize"

Newsletter 2/2020 277.6 KB, PDF

Edition 1/2020

Focus Philippines: Peace in Bangsamoro - women participate in decision-making

15 years "1000 women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize": Interview with Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold

Newsletter 1/2020 309.42 KB, PDF

Edition 2/2019

Focus Afghanistan: "Peace means living with dignity and access to equal rights"

"Women, Peace and Security" conference: Women's rights are an integral part of sustainable peace

Newsletter 2/2019 290.96 KB, PDF

Edition 1/2019

Focus Peace Table in Colombia: "Let us move together towards the truth"

Meeting International Board: Changing the world through feminist peace work

Newsletter 1/2019 1,007.27 KB, PDF

Edition 2/2018

Focus Peace activist in Kenya: Sustainable peace promoted through civil society engagement

The human rights situation in Colombia

Newsletter 2/2018 423.1 KB, PDF

Edition 1/2018

Focus Peace work in Nepal: Women, justice and the search for truth

Women's peace work in Nepal

Women's Peace Tables 2018-2021

Newsletter 1/2018 493.79 KB, PDF