The International Office in Bern is responsible for the operational implementation of all our activities. The team plans, manages and implements our worldwide activities in close cooperation with our partner organisations abroad.

This includes the peacebuilding programmes, which are mainly implemented in fragile and conflict-affected countries and regions. In addition, the team coordinates and moderates the international network of peace and women's rights activists and engages in political advocacy on feminist and peace policy issues.

Andrea Filippi
Programmes and Advocacy

Andrea Filippi holds a Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology and Sociology from SOAS, University of London. Previously she studied Social Anthropology and Geography at the Universities of Zurich and Birzeit, Palestine. She has worked for PeaceWomen Across the Globe since August 2018, initially in advocacy and fundraising, and from September 2019 in programmes and advocacy. Andrea Filippi did project work for various NGOs in the fields of gender-sensitive migration politics, anti-racism, feminist peace work and gender justice. She has also worked as a research assistant at the University of Neuchâtel. She continues to engage, in her activist and professional work, with racism, gender, feminist and postcolonial theory, intersectionality, as well as urban development processes.

Annemarie Sancar
Network and Programmes

Annemarie Sancar holds a doctorate in social anthropology with a focus on migration and development cooperation. In addition to her many years of experience in feminist networks such as WIDE Women in Development Switzerland and the Gender Working Group of the OSCE's Civic Solidarity Platform, she is involved in gender projects with a focus on economic literacy, peacebuilding and migration. Since May 2020 Annemarie Sancar has been network and programme manager at PeaceWomen Across the Globe. Previously she was responsible for monitoring the National Action Plan "Women, Peace and Security" at swisspeace, for the implementation of the gender strategy at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, and for cfd - the feminist peace organisation for peace and migration policy. She works as a freelance lecturer at universities of applied sciences on gender and women's rights in migration, security and development policy.

Carla Weymann

Carla Weymann holds a Master's degree in International Humanitarian Action (NOHA+) from the universities of Bochum (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden). During a semester abroad in Colombia she focused on peace and post-conflict studies and conflict resolution. Previously she studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. She started at PeaceWomen Across the Globe as an academic intern in 2019, now she is a programme officer.

Caroline Morrissey
Translation and editing

Caroline Morrissey’s background is in cultural relations; she was Director of the British Council in Switzerland for over 30 years. She has an Honours degree in Education and has more than 25 years' experience initiating, developing and delivering programmes in Switzerland and elsewhere, in areas such as education, the arts, climate change, governance and youth engagement. She also has substantial experience developing and managing networks, and worked with our network from 2015 until 2021. She continues to support our work by translating and editing texts.

Christina Stucky

Christina Stucky began working as a journalist after graduating with a History degree in the USA. She has worked as a reporter on newspapers in the USA and Switzerland and as a freelance journalist in the Czech Republic, where she completed a semester programme in film production at FAMU. In 1994 she began working for national newspapers in South Africa, covering a range of topics and events, including the country’s first democratic elections, the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the genocide in Rwanda. From 2000-2002 she was the southern Africa correspondent for the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. In South Africa she began working as a trainer, running workshops for journalists from sub-Saharan Africa and later communication and media workshops for NGOs. After returning to Switzerland in 2007, she conceptualised communication workshops for the local staff of the Swiss Cooperation Offices of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). From 2007-2017 she worked in different communication roles at the SDC and FDFA in Bern. She joined PeaceWomen Across the Globe as communications manager in May 2019 and continues to work as a journalist, and communication and intercultural competencies trainer.

Flurina Derungs

Flurina Derungs has been Director of our international office since February 2017. Her guiding principle, based on a commitment to gender equality, is to aspire to a life of peace and dignity, free from violence and discrimination for all women. She has worked for many years on women's rights and gender equality, at both the national and international level, for example, in development cooperation in East Africa, as an equal opportunities officer, as a social worker and in teaching and research. Flurina Derungs has a Masters degree in Social work and Social Policy and has a Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) in Gender, Justice, and Globalisation.

Franziska Vogel

Franziska Vogel received a Joint Master's Degree in Religion, Economics and Politics from the Universities of Lucerne, Zurich and Basel. During her studies she focused on the Islamic financial system. She completed an advanced training in Fundraising at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and gained work experience in an NGO. She has been working as a fundraiser at PWAG since October 2019.

Karin Widmer

Karin Widmer worked for the Civil Peace Service (Ziviler Friedensdienst ZFD) in Mindanao in the south of the Philippines for six years until 2021. Together with local peace partners, mainly from civil society, she contributed to an inclusive and just peace. Previously, Karin Widmer spent seven years at the Swiss section of Amnesty International as Youth Coordinator and Human Rights Education Coordinator. She holds a licentiate (equivalent to Master of Arts) in Cultural Anthropology, which she combined with Sustainability Studies and International Law. She is a passionate advocate for inclusion, justice and participation. She loves to spend her free time in the mountains and with her family. She started working for PeaceWomen Across the Globe as senior programme manager in August 2022.

Naomi Chinasa Bögli
Programmes and Advocacy

Naomi Chinasa Bögli studied at the University of Bern and University of Stellenbosch and graduated with a Master's degree in Social Anthropology and International Law. Afterwards, she worked in different contexts and thematic areas in Switzerland and abroad. As a project officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Cairo, she worked on migration issues with a focus on protection of vulnerable migrants. In her role as advocacy officer at FIZ Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking she advocated for gender-sensitive migration policies and the protection and rights of trafficked persons and gender-based violence. She joined our team in September 2022, where she helps to shape our feminist peace work in the areas of advocacy and programmes.