Letter to Federal Councillor on the Ukraine Conference 2023:

Letter to Federal Councillor Cassis: Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023

On the start of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023, we ask the head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis in an open letter to what extent the commitments of the Women, Peace and Security agenda will be taken into account at the conference. We also express our regret that civil society, especially women's organisations, are not included in this important conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

On 23 August 2023 we received Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis' reply to our four questions. He affirms that Switzerland is "working to ensure that women are involved in all phases of reconstruction planning, decision-making and implementation".

The reply goes further to say: "We continue to consciously incorporate our commitments to equal participation at all levels of social, economic and political decision-making mechanisms, including decisions on financial flows, into ongoing planning for peace-oriented and effective reconstruction."

The full response is only available in German.