Our programmes

Through our programmes, we are committing to a peaceful, safe and gender-just world for all. Together with our project partners in countries affected by war and conflict, we advocate for the active participation of women in peace processes. We support the participation and political engagement of women, marginalised groups and civil society organisations in peacebuilding. Our programmes and projects emerge from our worldwide network of women peace activists and are oriented towards their needs and circumstances on the ground.

What are Women's Peace Tables

Since 2015, we have been organising Women's Peace Tables with our local project partners with the aim of sustainably strengthening the participation of women in peace processes and making their engagement in peacebuilding visible. They have become a proven method for achieving these goals.

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What are peace processes?

We use a graphic representation to illustrate the stages of peace processes and how women exert influence at the various stages. We use this tool to focus on the role that women play in driving peace processes and preventing setbacks.

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Our programmes focus on three thematic areas:

Participation in peace processes

Women are particularly affected by armed conflict. Yet they often remain excluded from formal peace or transitional justice processes after a conflict has been resolved. We are committed to ensuring women’s equal participation in shaping peace and conflict transformation processes.

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Strengthening civil society

Civil society engagement plays an important role in feminist peace work. Worldwide, civil society organisations, including numerous women's and human rights organisations, are increasingly confronted with repression. We support projects from our global network that counteract the shrinking of civil society's scope for action.

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Country programmes

With our country programmes, we work on issues relevant for peace policy issues in conflict-affected regions. The focus is on the everyday security of women and marginalised groups. Together with our project partners, we work on long-term and flexible projects that address the issue of security from a feminist perspective.

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