Publications and multimedia:

Publications and multimedia

Through our publications and multimedia products you can learn more about the focal areas of our work, about our projects, programmes and political work, and about the activities of the members of our global network Feminists Connecting for Peace.


From policy briefs and reports on the contributions of the Feminists Connecting for Peace activists to the biographies of the 1000 PeaceWomen: our publications provide insight into our political and project work and into the activities in our global network.


Listen to human rights and women's rights activists talking about their lives and activism in our multimedia products. You can also find out more about our projects and events and those of our partners.


Compact, interesting and relevant: in our printed and electronic newsletters we notify you about our events and inform you about our projects and political activities, abroad and in Switzerland.

Annual reports

In our annual reports you will find out more about the highlights of the year, get an overview of our activities and the annual key figures.