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Networking for a peaceful and gender-just world

Feminists Connecting for Peace, our network of feminist activists, is at the centre of our activities. Activists from all over the world come together at various events and functions, online and offline. They exchange ideas, network and develop new ideas, projects and ways to cooperate for a peaceful and gender-just world.

We invite you to browse this page to get an impression of the network’s diverse activities.

Feminist Peace Initiatives: Belarusia: much needed conversations about peace

In three webinars, 53 Belarusian women dissidents and activists anonymously exchanged views on peace, militarisation and security. This project, which we supported with the Feminist Peace Initiatives, helped to break the women's sense of isolation and strengthen solidarity among them.

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: Genuine security and a culture of life

40 members of the feminist network IWNAM met in the Philippines. They developed a network strategy and an action plan and published a declaration with concrete demands for political leaders and decision-makers.

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Network roundtable: “I feel the energy. We all want peace.”

In February 2024, we invited 12 women peace activists from all over the world to Bern. The aim: to exchange knowledge, brainstorm, and develop strategies to realise common goals and strengthen the network.

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: Art & Healing Gathering

At a retreat in October 2023, feminist activists from various provinces in Indonesia came together in a safe space where they could process their past, their traumas, their emotions and disappointments through art, psychological support and a network of feminists facing similar repression and difficulties.

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On "Security": "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazin 2

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: Podcast: Feminist Perspectives on the Democracy in Brazil

In Brazil, our partner Associação Mulheres pela Paz produced a podcast series that looks at the setbacks that democracy experienced during the Bolsonaro years from a feminist perspective. The four episodes deal with the polarised Brazilian society and the effects of the sexist and misogynistic government - and the promising changes following the change of government.

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Exchange: Feminist perspectives on demilitarisation

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: The Human Cost of Palm Oil Plantations in Indonesia

The palm oil industry is the subject of criticism: with the support of the Feminist Peace Initiatives, the Indonesian non-governmental organisation Sawit Watch has investigated the connection between the use of private security personnel and the violation of human and women's rights on oil palm plantations.

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: Podcast: Fala, Clandestina!

In the podcast series "Fala, Clandestina!", members of the Brazilian queer-feminist band Clandestinas discuss gender-specific violence, intersectionality and racism in Brazil with other feminist activists on the basis of song lyrics.

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