About us:

Who we are and what we do

PeaceWomen Across the Globe is an internationally active feminist peace organisation based in Bern. We network women from war- and conflict-affected regions and support them in demanding their rights, helping to shape peace processes and thus creating a more peaceful world. We advocate for sustainable and visible women’s peace work.

We are active today in the following three areas:


Women are disproportionately affected by armed conflict, political fragility and violence. Yet even today, their experiences and knowledge are rarely included in peace processes. We are committed to ensuring that women, especially marginalised women, have an equal say in shaping peace and conflict transformation processes in their countries.


The worldwide network Feminists Connecting for Peace forms the core of our work. It grew out of the initiative 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 and has developed into a unique global community of peace activists. The network offers space for exchange, networking and joint learning as well as a platform to bring feminist peace policy demands to the public.

Political work

Working together with civil society partners, both in Switzerland and internationally, we are politically active. Our advocacy focuses on the participation of women in peace processes and conflict transformation, women's rights and the observance of crucial human rights standards.

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