Interview in à propos: Cameroon: role of youth in peacebuilding

Caryn Dasah is campaigning for peace and social justice in a country that is experiencing an armed conflict that has received little global attention: the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. In this interview, she talks about the risks that young people take in their quest for peace.

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Civil society priorities on Women, Peace and Security: For a safe and peaceful Switzerland and world for all

Swiss civil society's report contains recommendations for the 5th National Action Plan for Switzerland's implementation of the UN Resolution 1325 on "Women, Peace and Security".

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Intergenerational Women's Peace Table: Shared pain and shared demands in Nepal

Despite the peace agreement, there can be little talk of peace in Nepal. The incomplete implementation of the agreement has intergenerational consequences for those affected by the conflict. At a Women's Peace Table, two generations shared their stories and presented their demands to the government..

Mehr lesen Teilnehmer:innen sprechen über ihre Kriegserfahrung an einem intergenerationellen FrauenFriedensTisch

Farewell from the International Board: An important force for feminist peace work

Margo Okazawa-Rey stepped down from the International Board at the end of March. Our President Ruth-Gaby Vermot thanks her long-time ally for her significant support.

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New Board members

We are delighted to welcome three committed and experienced women to our Board. Find out more...

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Article in à propos: Understanding peace processes: the narratives must become feminist

In an article in the March issue of à propos, our director Deborah Schibler explains why the current images and narratives on the subject of "peace processes" need to become feminist.

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New instrument: Women's influence on peace processes

In a graphic representation of the different stages of peace processes, we place the role of women at the centre. It shows where they exert influence to drive the peace process and prevent setbacks.

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2. anniversary of Russia's attack: Women in Ukraine: "Make demands for life"

In an interview with our Ukrainian programme coordinator Olena Zinenko, she recalls the first days after the Russian attack on 24 February 2022 and talks about the path she has travelled since then. She also explains why women must be the driving force behind a "life agenda" in Ukraine.

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