Reintegrating violence-affected women into society: Burundi

* The projects were completed in 2024. Currently, we are not active in Burundi. *

For decades, Burundi has been rocked by recurring armed conflicts. Women are particularly affected: more than half experience gender-based violence in the course of their lives. The unstable situation in the country increases the physical, social and economic vulnerability of women and girls. We support the healing, social reintegration and economic independence of these women. 

For years, our project partner, Centre Giriteka has been supporting women in Bujumbura province who have experienced violence in their physical and psychological healing. We are working with Centre Giriteka on a project for the psychosocial support of women affected by violence. The aim is to support the women on their way to participating in social and economic life.

As soon as they are mentally and physically ready, the women are trained so they can generate an income and become financially independent. As part of the project, the women set up a cooperative in which they organise their entrepreneurial activities together.

Women feel valued and empowered

This project also addresses relatives and local government agencies. They are sensitised in workshops about how to deal with people affected by gender-based violence, learn how to facilitate the reintegration of women and increase their knowledge about women's rights.

Through participatory working methods, the project participants feel valued and empowered to raise their voices in society.

In previous projects with Centre Giriteka, workshop participants developed strategies for women's effective participation in elections, learned about national and international instruments to promote and protect women's rights, and addressed violence against women as an obstacle to women's development.