Political work:

Our political work

Our advocacy aims to create political impact and achieve a feminist vision of peace. The focus is on the implementation of key human rights instruments that form the basis for a peaceful and gender-just world.

In alliances with like-minded civil society organisations, we take a stand on global political developments and on thematically relevant political proposals and referenda in Switzerland. Together with our cooperation partners we publish shadow reports and participate in consultations and campaigns.

We also support members of our global network Feminists Connecting for Peace in their political commitment to peace, women's and human rights and sustainable global development.

Our commitment

Our political commitment is based on four international human rights standards, which form the basis for women's and human rights, gender-just peace policies and sustainable development. We are committed to their effective implementation, internationally and in Switzerland.

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Campaigns and statements

Together with our network partners and like-minded civil society organisations, we take a stand on peace-related issues and human rights violations, hold decision-makers accountable and raise our voices in solidarity with our partners.

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Political work in the network

Political work is a core concern of our global network. The related activities provide a space for activists and women's organisations to share ideas and methods, to work together on strategies and to engage in political work.

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