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Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most common human rights violations worldwide. Particularly in conflict-affected contexts various forms of violence against women and LGBTIQ persons increase. Gender-based violence is a major obstacle on the path to gender justice and lasting peace.


For a queer feminist future

* The projects were completed in 2023. Currently, we are not active in Palestine. *

Our work in Palestine counters the increasing social, political and geographical fragmentation of Palestinian society. It supports Palestinian visions for a feminist future marked by justice. With our project partners, we work to bring together and empower women and queer people affected by violence and gender injustice across fragmented and militarised borders, in order to become more aware of and claim their rights.


Taking a stand for feminist peace

We take a public stand on peace-related events and issues, together with like-minded organisations or in solidarity with members of our global network Feminists Connecting for Peace. We also participate in consultations. Our feminist understanding of peace and the focus on women’s and human rights are central to this political work.

Podcast Mandy Carter USA

"The power of one: for justice and equal rights", Mandy Carter, PeaceWoman and Black lesbian LGBTQ activist, USA (English)