Gender-based violence:

Gender-based violence – an obstacle to gender justice

Gender-based violence is one of the most common human rights violations worldwide. Particularly in conflict-affected contexts various forms of violence against women and LGBTIQ persons increase. Gender-based violence is a major obstacle on the path to gender justice and lasting peace.

In conflict-affected regions, sexualised and gender-based violence are on the rise. Sexualised violence is also used as a weapon of war or for political repression. The proliferation of weapons poses a further threat – even after the conflict has ended. Gender-based violence then often intensifies again, for example due to the widespread availability of small arms.

A structural problem

Sexualised and gender-based violence are not a consequence of conflict, but are a structural problem. Disregard for fundamental rights, discrimination, economic disadvantage and general devaluation on the basis of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity prepare the ground for physical violence.

A comprehensive feminist perspective

In order to effectively combat this grave violation of human rights, peacebuilding also needs to focus on this structural violence. For us, as a feminist peace organisation with an intersectional perspective, gender-based violence is a transversal issue in all our programmes.