Our network: Feminists Connecting for Peace

The worldwide network Feminists Connecting for Peace forms the core of our work. It grew out of the initiative "1000 Women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize" and has developed into a unique global community of peace activists. The network offers space for exchange, networking and joint learning as well as a platform to bring feminist peace policy demands to the public.

Within the network, we coordinate five main activities:


We promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences on issues relevant to peace policy in digital and physical spaces. Because peace activists do peace work under difficult conditions they also use the space for mutual psychosocial support.

Knowledge transfer

The peace activists bring their experiences from everyday life and peace policy activities into the network and conduct educational events. We document and publish this knowledge and make it available to peace activists and the public in various formats, including as publications or videos.

Feminist Peace Initiatives

The network's collective learning processes feed into local peace-policy related activities and initiatives. Our partner organisations develop projects in their respective contexts, which in turn generate new learning experiences.

Visibility and advocacy

We make the network's worldwide peace work visible on various channels – including our communication platforms. The cooperation in the network amplifies feminist and peace policy concerns– locally, nationally and internationally. We use campaigns to win the public over for feminist peacebuilding.

1000 PeaceWomen

The 1000 PeaceWomen are activists from around the world who were collectively nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. They are still part of our growing network of women peace activists today.

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Insights into the network

Feminists Connecting for Peace, our network of feminist activists, is at the centre of our activities.

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