Press review

Here we list articles and media content published in English. For media content that was published in media in German or French, please refer to this page in German.

Understanding peace processes: narratives must become feminist (à propos, March 2024)

Interview with Margo Okazawa-Rey (Radio Lora, Dezember 2023; intro in German, interview in English)

Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold: "Peacebuilding is a political work" (Phralipen, 27.09.2023)

Militarization and the search for a feminist peace policy (à propos, September 2023)

When women lead the way to peace (global, Alliance Sud, June 2023)

Shrinking civil society space in times of war (à propos, June 2022)

Not much to celebrate (à propos, September 2020)

Peace Table in Colombia: “Let us move together towards the truth” (à propos, September 2019)