Country programmes:

Context-specific, flexible, long-term

With our country programmes, we work on several topics relevant to peace policy topics in conflict-affected regions – flexibly and specific to the context. We expanded the country programmes in 2021 with the aim of a more long-term collaboration with our partners on larger projects that address the issue of security from a feminist perspective.

The country programmes focus on the everyday security of women and marginalised groups in selected regions affected by armed conflict. In fragmented societies, space for exchange and networking are crucial – they are therefore an integral part of our projects.

The project participants jointly formulate their demands and voice their rights to social and political participation. They counteract violent structures and gender stereotypes that prevent their equal contribution to politics and society and endanger their security. We support them in this process.

We are currently implementing country programmes in these countries with our project partners.

(The projects in Palestine were completed in 2023. We are currently not active there.)