In our range of multimedia products you can listen to human rights and women's rights activists talk about their lives and work. You can also learn more about our and our partners’ projects and events.

In the podcast "Feminism and Development", our programme manager Andrea Filippi talks to the Oxford Society for International Development about our commitment to sustainable peace and gender equality. With a special focus on our work with our project partners in Colombia, Ukraine and Palestine, she describes how we support women to actively participate in peace processes and thus contribute to sustainable peace. (2022)

Podcast series "PeaceWomen Across the Globe" (in the original or with voiceover in English, 2020). Listen here or on Spotify and Apple Music:

"Being a feminist in Albania", Sevim Arbana, PeaceWoman and women's rights campaigner, Albania (English)

"Bringing peace to Mindanao", Yasmin Busran-Lao, former member of the Philippine government's peace negotiation panel for talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (English)

"The power of one: for justice and equal rights", Mandy Carter, PeaceWoman and Black lesbian LGBTQ activist, USA (English)

"The long road to end gender-based violence", Jeanne Gacoreke, PeaceWoman and activist against sexualised violence against women, Burundi (French, English)

"Truth and gender in the Colombian peace process", Alejandra Miller Restrepo, member of our Board and member of the Colombian Truth Commission, Colombia (Spanish, English)

"Building peace across the divide", Susan Risal, executive director, Nagarik Aawaz, our partner organisation in Nepal (English)

"Justice and peace for Afghanistan", Sima Samar, member of our Board and women’s rights and human rights defender and activist, Afghanistan (English)

"1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize", Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold, president and founder PeaceWomen Across the Globe (German, English)

Videos of our partners on joint projects and recordings of our online events can be found on our YouTube channel.