From policy briefs and reports to contributions by activists in the Feminists Connecting for Peace network to the biographies of the 1000 PeaceWomen: our publications provide an insight into our political and project work and into the activities in our global network.

Der bunt illustrierte Umschlag der Publikation zeigt drei unterschiedliche Frauen mit einer bunt-gestreiften Flagge.

Feminists Connecting for Peace

"Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine, with contributions from the network of the same name (first issue on the topic of Demilitarisation, 2022, English)

Hintergrundfarbe mit Verlauf. Darüber der Titel der Publikation in weissen Buchstaben.

From Transition To Transformation

What role can civil society organisations play in strengthening women's participation in peace processes? These and other questions are addressed in this publication. It is a result of the sharing of knowledge between the partners in Colombia, Nepal and the Philippines, which began in 2019 with a first face-to-face meeting and reached an interim conclusion in 2021 with the joint development of this publication. (English and Spanish)

Publications resulting from our civil society project accompanying the Swiss National Action Plan on "Women, Peace and Security". For further publications on 1325 and other advocacy topics, such as Agenda 2030 and the Istanbul Convention, visit Political Work.

Policy Brief: "Centering Care in Women, Peace and Security: Civil society's voice in Switzerland's implementation of the Fourth National Action Plan 1325"

2022, English

Policy Brief: Centering Care in Women, Peace and Security (2022) 1.36 MB, PDF

"No Peace without Care Work"

2021, flyer in German, English, French

No Peace without Care_flyer 991.48 KB, PDF

"Women, Peace & Security and the Prevention of Violence: Civil Society Perspectives"

2019, German, English

Women, Peace & Security and the Prevention of Violence 14.07 MB, PDF

"Women Peace Security - reloaded: Civil Society Alternative Report to the National Action Plan 1325 from a Gender Perspective"

2016, German, English

Women Peace Security - reloaded: Civil Society Alternative Report 2.19 MB, PDF

1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe

2005, book in various languages

Read the biographies of the 1000 PeaceWomen here in English and German, as they were published in the book in 2005.