Statement on Israel and Gaza

PeaceWomen Across the Globe is horrified by the unspeakable atrocities committed in this asymetrical war against Gaza. The scale of destruction and loss of human lives is beyond words.

In particular, we grieve the broken lives and hopes of an entire trapped population without protection, access to food, water, shelter and health care.

As a feminist peace organisation committed to peace with justice, we mourn all victims in Gaza, the Westbank and Israel. PeaceWomen Across the Globe condemns the systematic sexualised violence against women and girls. It is one of the worst weapons of war.

We stand with all relevant multilateral organisations, internationally recognised bodies and NGOs that have documented the severe breaches of International Humanitarian Law and the gravest violations of Human Rights. The retaliatory measures against Palestinians are unanimously qualified as hugely disproportionate and unjustifiable. In its ruling, the ICJ has ordered six provisional measures including for Israel to refrain from acts under the Genocide convention, prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to genocide, and take immediate and effective measures to ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza. Crucially, the Court also ordered Israel to preserve evidence of genocide and to submit a report to the Court, within one month, of all measures taken.

We urge all duty bearers to fulfill their collective legal, ethical and moral responsibilities and put an immediate end to this bloodshed and the spiral of violence.


1. The immediate cessation of all violence and export of arms to Israel and the region.

2. The unconditional release of all hostages.

3. Immediate and unhindered access of humanitarian actors to the civilian population of Gaza. The resumption of financial support to UNRWA.

4. Comprehensive international criminal investigations and proceedings for all war crimes to end impunity.

5. Long-term psychosocial support for all victims of violence, including sexualised and genderbased violence and reparations for the victims.

6. Lasting ceasefire and start of negotiations based on equality and effective participation of all conflict parties for a viable and legally secured coexistence between Palestine and Israel. In line with UN Security Council Resolution 1325, we call for the equal participation of women in all negotiations.

As a Switzerland-based organisation we call in particular on the Swiss government to take a clear position against the atrocities and to use all available means and channels to exert pressure on the conflict parties and the international community to see that the above demands are met.


As a feminist peace organisation we work with women's organisations on peace processes in various war- and conflict-affected regions. In spite of the long-lasting violent conflict, there are still many voices in the region calling for a peaceful and just human rights-based coexistence. However, these organisations and individuals are under increasing pressure from polarising forces. It is a collective responsibility to strengthen and protect their commitment to peace in the name of a humane and dignified future for all Palestinians and Israelis.

Bern, Switzerland, 3 March 2024

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