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Iran : our appeal for solidarity and concrete action

Women are the spark and driving force behind the wave of protests in Iran that have swept the country since the violent death of Mahsa Amini and have led to massive human rights violations. We stand in solidarity with the protesting women and their allies and call on civil society organisations, governments and the international community to back up their expressions of solidarity with the women in Iran with concrete action.

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From Colombia to Ukraine:
New newsletter

In the new newsletter you will learn about the exemplary work of the Colombian Truth Commission, involving women and marginalised groups – and what our contribution was. You will also read how we are making sparks glow with the Feminist Peace Initiatives and how we continue to work with women for peace in Ukraine, despite the war.

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Welcome to the new website

The new website offers us more opportunities to present our core issues, our programme and our political work with our partners in Switzerland and abroad. What remains unchanged, even with the new website, is our commitment to a feminist vision of peace, to the participation of women in peace processes and our striving for a world in which all people experience genuine security. Dive in!

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Peace work continues

Even before the Russian war of aggression, women in eastern Ukraine were barely heard. In 2021, our pilot programme opened up spaces where women discussed issues and formulated demands to make their everyday lives safer. The new Women’s Platform for Peace picks up from there.

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Job Vacancies

We are looking for a new Executive Director (80%) and a new Fundraising Specialist (80%)! We look forward to receiving your applications by 20 January 2023 and 12 February 2023 respectively. Further information in the job advertisements.

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Our topics

Feminist peace policy

Peace is more than the absence of war. Patriarchal power relations, structural violence and physical or psychological violence against women block the path to lasting peace. This is why we engage in peacebuilding with a feminist, intersectional perspective. And because we have a comprehensive understanding of peace.

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Women, Peace and Security

Women's rights are human rights. We work to ensure that core human rights standards are respected in conflict-affected regions too. Our work is based on the UN’s "Women, Peace and Security" agenda.

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Peace processes

Women's access to peace and conflict transformation processes is severely limited. However, peace processes offer critical windows of opportunity for the recognition of women's rights and for the elimination of discriminatory social structures and gender norms. Women and marginalised groups must therefore play an active role in peace processes.

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Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most common human rights violations worldwide. Particularly in conflict-affected contexts, violence against women increases in all its forms. Gender-based violence is a major obstacle to gender justice and lasting peace.

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Militarisation means more than "just" spending on armed forces: this spending is the consequence of a security policy geared towards war. As a feminist peace organisation, we oppose the claim that more weapons lead to more security. We demand demilitarisation and disarmament because that is the only way to achieve genuine peace and comprehensive security.

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