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The worldwide network Feminists Connecting for Peace forms the core of our work. It grew out of the initiative "1000 Women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize" and has developed into a unique global community of peace activists. The network offers space for exchange, networking and joint learning as well as a platform to bring feminist peace policy demands to the public.

Political work in the network

Political work is a core concern of our organisation and of Feminists Connecting for Peace, our global network. The network and its activities provide a space for activists and women's organisations to share ideas and practices, work together on strategies and carry out political work together. Through the network we contribute to our goal of creating political impact.


In our range of multimedia products you can listen to human rights and women's rights activists talk about their lives and work. You can also learn more about our and our partners’ projects and events.

Podcast Mandy Carter USA

"The power of one: for justice and equal rights", Mandy Carter, PeaceWoman and Black lesbian LGBTQ activist, USA (English)