Publication: "Feminists Connecting for Peace" 2

The second issue of the magazine is dedicated to the topic of "Security".

Supporting feminist peace activists and making their work visible are at the heart of PeaceWomen Across the Globe's vision and practice. To this end, we launched the magazine “Feminists Connecting for Peace”. In articles and interviews, activists from our global network of the same name share their insights and experiences. Each issue is dedicated to a focus topic, examined from different angles.

The second issue focuses on the topic of security. What does security mean from a feminist perspective? How does this understanding conflict with a military understanding of security? Our project partner Olin Monteiro talks about a safe-space meeting for peace activists in Indonesia. Yasmin Janah explains how armed groups mobilise men by emphasising stereotypical masculinity.

These are among the nine articles that look for answers in different regions of the world – from Indonesia to Cameroon, from Ukraine to Kosovo and Guam.

The publication is available in English.

Editorial: What does security mean to you?

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