Insights into the network:

Networking for a peaceful and gender-just world

Feminists Connecting for Peace, our network of feminist activists, is at the centre of our activities. Activists from all over the world come together at various events and functions, online and offline. They exchange ideas, network and develop new ideas, projects and ways to cooperate for a peaceful and gender-just world.

We invite you to browse this page to get an impression of the network’s diverse activities.

Feminist Peace Initiatives: Cultural Strategies for Peace and Conflict Resolution on Guam

The NGO I Hagan Famalao'an Guåhan organised an intergenerational exchange between indigenous women and girls on the Pacific island of Guam on the question: How do we resist colonialism and militarism?

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Magazine: Launch of our "Feminists Connecting for Peace"-Magazine

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Feminist Peace Initiatives: Podcast: Conversinha Afiada

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Interview with PeaceWoman: Ruth Weiss: A life against intolerance and rassism

PeaceWoman Ruth Weiss on her commitment to peace and tolerance, as a journalist and anti-apartheid activist.

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