Feminist Peace Initiatives: Cultural Strategies for Peace and Conflict Resolution on Guam

Against colonialism and militarism: a cross-generational exchange

In a project funded by PeaceWomen Across the Globe in 2021, the NGO I Hagan Famalao'an Guåhan (IHFG) enabled an intergenerational exchange between indigenous women and girls on the Pacific Island of Guam on the question: How do we resist colonialism and militarism? Their conclusions: Through political participation and through the preservation of traditional cultural values and practices, ancestral knowledge, and language. Together, these women are campaigning for a more peaceful society amidst the ongoing US colonial regime. As part of the Feminist Peace Initiatives, IHFG produced a video in which activist and former Senator Hope Alvarez Cristobal talks to her granddaughters about the impact of militarisation on the environment and what the people of Guam can do to protect resources.

With the Feminist Peace Initiatives, we finance projects that are developed in our network so that inputs from transnational exchange formats can be translated into local activities.